XANDRIA Hotels & Management Group is patterned on the vision and principles of founder Dan Kurus, an hotelier with an excellent experience in opening, operating and managing guest house to five stars hotels, Resorts, Villa/Inns in North America and South East Asia.
Our Total Commitment to:
Unwavering Honesty and Integrity – Managing our client’s property to the best of our ability – The security and well-being of employee associates -High-Quality hospitality products – Exceptional guest service – Unmatched value. The continuing improvement of the industry – Ongoing enhancement of the community
Xandria Hotels & Management Group:
Represents fresh, unique thinking and adopts the continues improvement philosophy in the key performance area by establishing team in each department to review performance regularly. By monthly review of performance, weekly review of sales and continue establishment of programs to improve skills and competences in key areas of each level of the properties.
Quality service and attentive response to its client, is XANDRIA’s Hospitality Trademark. Guest satisfaction is measured and strategies have developed to improve those strategies. Team meets regularly to improve guest satisfaction and revenue and reduce costs. Then share their achievements with staffs and management.
Employees are our most important asst. “Happy employees make happy customers”. Whenever possible, experience associates have hired to maximize the level of competence to as high as possible
While looking for properties that have differential advantages over competitors and properties that can be developed into the best in its class in the area. XANDRIA Hotels & management Group has proven to take small hotels, Resorts, Villas/Inns and Guesthouses that are losing money and make them profitable.
XANDRIA  Hotels & Management Group, from the Management team to the hotel staffs, works energetically and tirelessly to accommodate the changing needs of our  wide variety of guests.
Over the last five years, we have developed one of the most experience and knowledgeable hotel sales and marketing “machines” in Luang Prabang Laos.
A powerful force of relationships and sales and marketing expertise are available through XANDRIA Hotels & Management to guide the properties we manage.
Our established relationships with tour operators, travel agents, receptive operators, incentive and meting planners from across Asia and other continents to direct their attention specifically to the properties we manage.
Our dedication and experience in electronic distribution, booking engines, VXHIS interface system ensures we stay on top of how today’s hotel rooms have marketed, booked and delivered.
Our in-house, 24-hrs monitored reservation call center helps to ensure we are available to capture all reservations in a professional manner no matter the time night or day.
Our Managed hotels can leverage our web professionals, search engine optimizers and marketers, as well as our social media experts, to ensure hotels are highly visible and well exposed on today’s internet.
Our Management generates daily, weekly, monthly and yearly forecasts that has leveraged in conjunction with our revenue enhancement / management technique to optimize revenues.
We are committed to serving you better at all terms.

XANDRIA Hotels & Hospitality Group       

 Alexandria Kurus
XANDRIA Hotels & Hospitality Group
Alexandria was born in Laos. She is a Canadian citizen presently living and studying in Toronto, Canada. Alexandria’s life style began with living in five star hotels in North America and South East Asia, where her daddy was working.
The “sleeping beauty” knows what quality is all about, especially when it comes to her meals; she is trained well enough to order her own food from room service and to be friendly enough with the hotel maids to make her bed just the way she wants!
Presently she is attending at one of the private Catholic school in Toronto, Canada and her early age ambition is to work in a luxury hotel same as her daddy.
Alexandria’s best qualities are her passion, beauty and mixture of culture, which is why she is a shining example at XANDRIA hotels.





Director of Operation


Citizen:                                    Canadian
Studied at:                               University of Toronto & Queens University Kingston, Ontario CANADA
Diploma:                                  International Hotel Business Management, American Hotel & Motel Management
Skill Workshop:                       Interact Management
Westin & Sheraton                  Profit Improvement Yield Management
Starwood Hotels                      Food & Wine Certificate, Train the Trainer
Four Seasons Hotels               Guest Loyalty Program
Hyatt Regency                         Brand Standards, Sales & Marketing
ACCOR Hotels:                       Train the trainer I & II, Yield Management, Sales and Marketing South East Asia Market
Intercontinental IHG                Train the Trainer
Luang Prabang View Hotel      General Manager


Matilda Kurus
Choco-TILDA Restaurant & Bar
XANDRIA Hotels & Hospitality Group
Ten years old Matilda likes to eat KFC, McDonald, Pizza and Lao noodle soup and she likes to help her mom cooking and set up kitchen dinning table.
She is attending grade 6 at one of the private school in Toronto Canada


Alexia Kurus
ALEXUS Travel & Tour
XANDRIA Hotels & Hospitality Group
US & Objective
ALEXUS Travel &Tour understands the sprite of the holidaying and making sure that you enjoy the most unique and customized itineraries in your desired holiday package to Luang Prabang.
For our guests and others travelers, exploring the different dimension of Luang Prabang can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of life.
Nevertheless, if one does not know where to start then all go wrong. Owing to our experience and expertise, we narrow down up to the minutest details to plan and develop exclusive tour packages helping our guests to enjoy the most beautiful site Luang Prabang and across northern part of Laos.


CO-PARTNER Xandria Hotels
Director of administration – Legal – Human Resource



2008-2011 Nonesawang hight school, Vientiane capital, Laos
2012-2016 northern law collage, Lunag Prabang, lao (bachelor of criminal law)

Manager and accounting at Belgium restaurant beer & bar Luang Prabang, Laos
Mueang Thaon hotel: front office, Luang Prabang, Laos
Xishuangbanna hotel: Food & Barverage manager, front office manager, human resourse and coordinator.

Language: Lao, Thai, English and Chinese